Rail king Railcar Movers

Easy Operation.

PLC Based Mobile Controller programmable for enhanced operator safety and comfort. Full-color LCD Display in Cab allows operators to view real time engine, transmission and Rail King operating parameters, as well as active and stored trouble / diagnostic codes.

Reliably Dependable.

Stewart & Stevenson patented Cushion Coupler System - couplers made of frabricated steel and huge shock absorbing isolators pressed into the frame. The advanced design of the weight transfer system automatically enhances tractive effor for better pulling power.

Low Emissions.

Fueled by ultra low sulfur diesel, provides better fuel economy and better performance at lower operating cost. From air filter to exhaust, the Cummins QSB engine is a complete engineered system package with electronic engine management.

Rail king Attachment

Used Rail Equipment

Colmar Construction Equipment

Door Demon Railcar Openers

Door Demon Railcar Hopper Gate and Boxcar Door openers

Safe, Single-person Operation

Helps Prevent Employee Injures

Powder-coated "Safety Yeloow" for Increased Visibility

Removed Workers from Under Railcars During Unit Operation

Drive Controls Return to Neutral/Stop Upon Release

Stable Platform Allows for Predictable Performance

Even-balanced Weight Distribution for Safe and Easy Maneuvering

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