Any piece of Colmar railroad equipment is a good choice when it comes to track maintenance. Colmar is a trusted name in the railroad industry and its products are powerful, reliable, safe, and easy to use. At HBI, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Colmar Railroad Equipment. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our previous blog showing off our new lineup of Colmar products! 

BB06ASelf-Propelled Ballast Broom Colmar

BB06 Ballast Broom Colmar

Use the BB06A to remove exceeding ballast from the track. It’s available for any gauge. This self-propelled ballast broom has an electro welded metal sheet structure and a box internally folded with neoprene.


The BB06A has a rotor with six brush rows made of a 50mm rubber hose segment. The hoses, fitted with screws and rings can be replaced quickly. This ballast broom’s hydraulic motor is powered by diesel. The height of the BB06A’s brushes is controlled by an hydraulic adjustment. The conveyor belt, which has a right/left lateral unload, is powered by an hydraulic orbital motor. This self-propelled unit is equipped with a remote control and safety switch stopping to prevent injury.


The unit has four telescopic hydraulic legs built on two horizontal hydraulically actuated bars and four tubular legs controlled by mechanical handling with mechanic stops. The BB06A has a safety chain and clamp to prevent the equipment from invading the adjacent track during side shifting.


A35 Rail TrolleyColmar

A25/A35 Rail Trolley Colmar

The A35 rail trolley has a diesel engine and hydraulics for the base movements. It has a flat turning base on rollers for lateral movements. The A35 is suitable for transporting and positioning switches, track panels, and sleepers.


This rail trolley has a wheelbase of 1000 mm, a width of 1900 mm, and a height of 560 mm. The A35 has a lateral movement of the base of ± 300 mm, a base rotation of 10°, and a wheel diameter of 350 mm. It has a capacity of 35 tonnes and weighs 950 kg.


GRU-G04Cranes for Loading and Unloading Rails

This three-piece boom has two hydraulic cylinders for handling. The GRU-G04 has a robust structure of electro-welded steel work and has a maximum lifting capacity of 900 kg.


These hydraulically driven cranes are fitted with hydraulic clamps for rail lifting and can swivel around the vertical axis by 135°, to the right and to the left, by means of hydraulic motors. These cranes come with a lighting system for night work.


Control stations mounted on each of the two wagons are available. They come with a canopy that shelters the operator. These control stations have two control panels, one for maneuvering the cranes on the left, the other for maneuvering the cranes on the right of the wagon. The cranes can be controlled from either panel, individually or in pair.


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