Pneumatic Hopper Gate Door Opener - Dragon

  • Pneumatic Hopper Gate Door Opener - Dragon
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Door Demon Pneumatic Hopper Gate Door Opener - Dragon

This pneumatic (air) powered hopper gate opener is a non-impacting, continuous torque solution for safely and efficiently opening even the most difficult hopper gates.

One of our strongest units, the powerful air motor and gearbox combination is designed to produce the most torque possible at an optimal speed for both productivity and safety.

The use of continuous torque provides significant power in a very controllable manner. 

Also, unlike pneumatic powered impact units often found in the market, the Dragon puts very little strain on the operator and operates at a much lower noise level with a rating of 90 decibels.

This air-powered unit can also include powered lift and powered side-shifting wheels to accommodate traveling capstans. This helps improve the speed and efficiency of the unloading process.


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