Optional Snow V-Plow - RKSB4600V-120

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Optional Snow V-Plow - RKSB4600V-120- Rail King Mobile Railcar Mover


  • 120” Clearing Path, beyond rail wheels; Hydraulic control for V, Inverted V, Angles or Flat
  • Replaceable Spring Trip Bolt-On Edge
  • This is not a pick-up style plow, it is rated for the weight of the Rail King and Rail use
  • Do not need to remove train air hose
  • Chain Support for free motion
  • Bumper Mount on front or rear of machine
  • Four bolts to clamp on at base
  • Arm couples in Rail King Coupler
  • Hydraulic Raise Lower Using Coupler Controls
  • 15 Minute Installation time, once main hydraulic system portion is installed
  • Landing Gear allows for easy removal without additional equipment 

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