Hydraulic Rotary Broom RKBR84

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Optional Hydraulic Rotary Broom RKBR84 - Rail King Mobile Railcar Mover

  • 84” Clearing Path, beyond rail wheels at angle
  • 26” Diameter Replaceable Steel and Poly Wafers (21)
  • Oil Flow 12-20GPM (Rail King is 29GPM full flow)
  • Unique Lateral and forward float
  • Hydraulic Angle 30Degree – Electric control valve wire remote controlled
  • Chain Support for free motion
  • Bumper Mount on front or rear of machine
  • Two bolts to clamp on at base
  • Arm couples in Rail King Coupler
  • Hydraulic Raise Lower Using Coupler Controls 
  • 10 Minute Installation time, after hydraulics are installed
  • Landing Gear means no forklift or alternate equipment needed once unloaded     


  • Extended Coupler Connection (RK330 Req’d)
  • RK330 Bumper Connection (extra thick bumper)

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