The warmth of the sun. The chirping of the birds. And … the desperate cry of your garden.

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It’s time to get your garden ready for a new season, and we at HBI can help.


Clearing Away Dried Leaves

Makita Cordless Blower - DUB184Z


The Makita Cordless Blower DUB184Z is quiet, lightweight, and powerful. This is Makita’s most powerful 18V cordless blower yet. A single 18V Li-on battery supplies energy to the 18V DC motor drive system. The unit has a variable speed control operated by a cruise control lever and a trigger, which can be operated from either side of the handle. The DUB184Z is so lightweight you can operate it with only one hand. This model is perfect for getting the job down quietly, without disturbing your neighbours. Plus, the brushless motor provides longer run time.

Makita - Cordless Blower / Vacuum - DUB182Z


Want to vacuum up the leaves rather than simply blow them away? The variable speed Makita Cordless Blower/Vacuum DUB182Z may be just what you’re looking for. This model has an anti-static design to prevent a buildup of static electricity. Because it quickly and easily converts to a vacuum, garden prep is quick and easy. The ergonomic soft rubber grip absorbs vibration and provides comfortable operation.


These are just two of the blowers we carry. Check out the selection on the Yard Equipment page of our website.


Trimming Up the Overgrowth


When it’s time to shape and “clean up” your hedges, we have the model for you.


For smaller jobs …

Makita Hedge Trimmer - Cordless 7-7/8"

The 7-7/8”Cordless Makita UH201DZ may be just what you’re looking for. The dual blade action cuts quickly with a shearing effect. The chip receiver prevents material from falling onto the blade. The non-electrolyzed nickel-plated blades reduce staining and rusting. The toothless blade changing system enables simple and easy blade changes. And the ergonomic soft rubber grip is designed for vibration absorption and comfortable operation.

Makita Hedge Trimmer - 22.2CC


For larger jobs …

The 23-1/8”22.2CC Makita Trimmer has a five-position adjustable rear handle for vertical and angle trimming. This model has a three-edge tooth design and a high anti-abrasion coated surface for stain-free, long-lasting operation. The blades are double-sided and made from stainless steel for an extended life and clean trimming. The anti-vibration design results in less operator fatigue. And the forward-facing exhaust redirects it away from the operator.


No matter how much overgrowth, we have the right trimmer for you. We also carry a wide selection of line trimmers and lawn mowers to get your entire yard looking exactly how you want it.


To find out how we can help with all your garden preparation needs, contact us:


730 Talbot St. W., Aylmer, ON

Use the contact form on our website or call (519)773-3100.
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