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T2400FSRailroad Loader Colmar

T2400FS Railroad Loader Colmar

Colmar railroad loaders and excavators are the best option for all types of track maintenance. Colmar railroad loaders are powerful, reliable, safe, and easy to use.


The T2400FS’s safety features include a rated lifting capacity indicator, a dead man switch, and a FOPS-certified cab, among many other things.


Colmar railroad loaders help increase productivity and reduce costs. With a huge variety of accessories, they are suitable to all work challenges that may arise onsite. Colmar quick connector attachments can be changed in less than two minutes. Then, you’re ready for the next job.


T8000FSERailroad Excavator Colmar

T8000FSE Railroad Excavator Colmar

Whether it’s pulling rail, handling ballast, cutting brush, lifting items, tamping sleepers, or digging and trenching, Colmar railroad excavators yield top productivity. The three-piece boom arrangement ensures the maximum operation range with no compromise in power, smoothness, ease of operation, or comfort.


The T8000FSE weighs 27.00 tonnes, has a reach of 7.36 metres, and a lifting capacity of 9.00 tonnes. For more details, click the link above.

TampingMachine Star TM04F Line Colmar

Tamping Machine Star TM04F Line Colmar

The TM04F levels, lifts, lines, and tamps. Its frame is made of sturdy electro-welded girders. This machine has pneumatic brakes and two emergency braking valves, direct brake and parking brake. It also has two motorized axles with four locking devices for axle suspension.


The TM04F tamping machine is equipped with a computerized system for data processing and job planning. The measuring system allows the recording of the following parameters: gauge, transversal level, alignment to the rail, and longitudinal level.


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