From home standby, RV gensets, to commercial standby & industrial power solutions you can trust. We are a certified dealer, and we carry only the best generators from Briggs & Stratton, Cummins Onan, Hipower, and Stateline.

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Home Generators

Home generators are one of the ultimate luxuries, especially if you live in a region that suffers frequent storms or power outages. With a home generator, you can keep the lights — and the A/C — on during an outage, providing your family with much-needed comfort.

We provide comprehensive sales & service for all of our standby home generators.

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Dual Fuel Portable Generators

Portable generators provide power to tools and appliances when you need supplemental electricity. They are also very useful when camping — especially if you are afraid of the dark!

Our dual fuel portable generators can run on either gasoline/propane or gasoline/LPG, and are typically equipped with at least two electrical outlets.

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Traditional Portable Generators

Our traditional portable generators run on gasoline, and are a safe, reliable way to guarantee power in an outage. We carry both Briggs & Stratton and Onan branded portable generators.

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RV Generators

Whether you are new to RVs or have been traveling for years, you want to know all about the tough, reliable Onan generators that are so important to your enjoyment. Cummins pioneered the use of power generation in RVs, and we’re proud to carry a full line of their RV generator products.

Commercial & Industrial Generators

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Commercial Mobile Generators

Commercial mobile generators supply power on the road for diverse applications, such as utility trucks, emergency vehicles, sewer maintenance trucks, camera trucks, food trucks, or any vehicle with a need for mobile electrical power.

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Commercial & Industrial Generators

We offer commercial and industrial generators ranging from 20kW to 150kW in power. These provide reliable and economic power for your business.

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