Colmar Construction™ Equipment

With more than 50 years of experience in the field, Colmar Railroad Equipment provides a full range of multi-use railroad loaders, excavators and many other small equipment necessary to improve the track maintenance and construction.

Peace of mind

Colmar Railroad Loaders are made out of a strong electro welded steel and are outfitted with hydraulic systems made with high quality components. The Railroad Loaders are complete with security systems and can be adapted to work in different countries.

Plenty of options

Colmar Railroad Loaders are used for the construction and maintenance of railway lines. The machines can be equipped with different accessories such as: Rail pinchers, hydraulic or mechanical frame beams for moving sleepers, tamping units, pinchers for different uses, hydraulic hammers, and hydraulics bush-grass cutters.

Training and Service

As with all of our railroad equipment, HBI is pleased to offer operator training for all Colmar Construction™ products. We also have technicians available around the country to service your Colmar products, giving you protection against costly extended downtimes.

Available Products

An image of a railroad loader

Railroad Loaders

An image of a railroad shear picking up beams

Railroad Shears

An image of a railroad crane

Portal Cranes

A picture of the Colmar track section handler

Handling System for Track Sections

An image of a Colmar tamping machine

Tamping Units

A diagram of a inspection catenary vehicle

Inspection Catenary Vehicles

A picture of a railroad excavator


A picture of a ballast broom

Ballast Brooms

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