Makita Blower - Backpack 52.5CC - EB5300TH

  • Makita Blower - Backpack 52.5CC - EB5300TH
  • Makita
  • Product Code: MAK-EB5300TH
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Makita Blower - Backpack 52.5CC - EB5300TH

Professional power in a lighter weight blower

218 MPH Air Speed with 512 CFM Volume

4-Stroke MM4 engine for lower emissions and greater fuel economy

  • 4 damper springs mounted between the engine and the backpack frame reduce the vibration on the back of operator even during long hours Cushioned back padding and shoulder straps, in addition to being well-ventilated, aid in effective sweat evaporation and to to provide more operator comfort
  • MM4 4-stroke engine for lower emissions and longer run time
  • Anti-Icing feature: You can open the anti-icing valve by simply turning a dial to supply warm air from the engine to prevent the carburetor from icing up under cold conditions.
  • Extendable pipe and nozzle (3" extension)
  • Anti-static – Users hand is protected from static electric shock by sufficient insulation distance between grip and nozzle
  • High Speed/High Air Volume
  • Tube mounted throttle
  • Carry handle for easy transport

  • Primer Pump and automatic decompression valve are incorporated for ease of starting


INCLUDES: Long Pipe 90 (197723-0), End Nozzle 90-62 (198034-6), Flat Nozzle 90 (196911-6), Flexible Pipe (454934-3), Swivel Pipe (161653-1), Box Wrench Set (196771-6), Shoulder Harness R (162506-7), Shoulder Harness L (162505-9), Hose Clamp (282025-8), Spark Plug (168652-4), Starter Rope (444043-6), Accessory Bag (831304-7)

Owners manual

Parts breakdown




Max. Air Flow (Long Pipe, End Nozzle 90-62)

218 MPH

Max. Air Volume (Long Pipe, End Nozzle 90-62)

512 CFM

Power Rating

1.8 kW / 2.5 hp


Diaphragm Type

Fuel / Oil Mixture

Not Required

Tank Capacity

1.8 L

Noise Level

96 dB(A)

Noise Level (50' per ANSI B175.2)

69.8 dB(A)

Overall Length

12-5/8" (320 mm)

Dry Weight

19.7 lbs (8.9 kg)

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