Here at HBI we care about your employee’s safety, and this is the reason why we sell the best of Railcar Openers from Door Demon. The company has brought a solution to the railroad industry that was extremely powerful but also smoother and quieter, and operators really have appreciated it. Besides, the Door Demon Railcar Openers are built to last - and they have significantly lower maintenance costs compared to other railcar openers!

Railcar openers’ features

The power options primarily include pneumatic power, AC electric power over hydraulic, DC electric over hydraulic, and manual.

As far as portable wheeled versions, they feature several customizable options. Beam-mounted units, and units that mount to a conveyor, skid steer or forklift also are available.

Door Demon Railcar Openers & HBI

HBI is a leading name in Canada when it comes to railcar movers, rail construction equipment and locomotive controls with premium brands. Besides offering a complete Door Demon’s product line, HBI offers a 24/7 service for you! We do not only carry a stock of Door Demon railcar hopper gate openers and boxcar openers in our store located in Aylmer, Ontario, but we also offer replacement parts and full service with a team of licensed technicians.

Check out the line of Door Demon Railcar Hopper Gate Openers and Boxcar Door Openers currently available at our store:

Hopper Gate Openers

Hopper Gate Door Opener - AC Electric

Hopper Gate Door Opener - DC

Hopper Gate Door Opener - Demon Fly

Hopper Gate Door Opener - Demon Stick

Hopper Gate Door Opener - Fork Devil

Hopper Gate Door Opener - Open 2 wheel

Hopper Gate Door Opener - Quick-tach

Hopper Gate Door Opener AC - Conveyor

Hopper Gate Door Opener AC - Multi position

Hopper Gate Door Opener AC - Multi position 5HP

Hopper Gate Door Opener Air - Dragon Fly

Pneumatic Hopper Gate Door Opener - Dragon

Pneumatic Hopper Gate Door Opener - Spider

Boxcar Door Openers

Boxcar Door Opener - Double Rope Winch

Boxcar Plug Door Opener - Blue Rolling

Boxcar Plug Door Opener - Bully

Boxcar Plug Door/Slide Car Opener - Door Buster

Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter

Visit our Railcar Openers page, give us a call or visit our store to learn more!

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