Hopper Gate Door Opener - Demon Stick

  • Hopper Gate Door Opener - Demon Stick
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Door Demon Hopper Gate Door Opener - Demon Stick

Ideal for lower volume operations or as a backup unit, the “Demon Stick” allows the operator to get out from under the railcar, while putting the operator in a better position to open difficult gates.

The reversible ratchet drive allows for easy direction change. Manual height adjustment and a pivoting mount allow the Demon Stick to reach the vast majority of capstan levels.  The unit is sold with or without a 2-wheel cart and ships with a drive bit and a 3-foot extension bar.

  • Only a single person operator is required as this portable opener includes a durable handle and a stable base that provides operators with more solid footing.
  • The "Demon Stick" is our basic low-cost opener which can be carried or mounted on a two-wheel cart. Its reversible ratchet drive for easy direction change and adjustable pivot mounting for most capstan levels.
  • Completely portable, “go anywhere” opener
  • 48” standard length shaft with Door Demon bit provided
  • 36” extension shaft included
  • Ratchet drive with directional control
  • Faster and safer than conventional bars
  • Adjustable pivot height to fit most capstan levels
  • Great for use in remote locations
  • Perfect alternative for powered units

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