Hopper Gate Door Opener - DC

  • Hopper Gate Door Opener - DC
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Door Demon Hopper Gate Door Opener - DC

Being battery powered, this unit is the perfect solution for those without an available power source at the work site, or for those who just want ultimate mobility. A typical charge will last for about 30 doors in succession before a battery recharge is required, and it displays full power until the last door. If you open empty cars or the gates open fairly easily, it will last much longer.

With an emphasis on improving operator safety, this unit includes a stabilizer bar for torque suppression and a more comfortable noise level fit for a single operator.

  • This unit is powered by DC Battery, allowing the user to safely and efficiently open the toughest railcar hopper gates wherever and whenever needed.
  • Completely portable unit (opens 10 cars…30 hopper doors) on a single charge
  • 2 – 12 volt batteries (Battery charger included…full battery recharge in only 4 hours)
  • 26” shaft with Door Demon bit provided (custom lengths available)
  • Return to center control valve
  • Foam filled tires standard on DC Units
  • Manually adjustable height 6 to 20 inches for varying capstan heights

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