Boxcar Plug Door Opener - Blue Rolling

  • Boxcar Plug Door Opener - Blue Rolling
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Door Demon Boxcar Plug Door Opener - Blue Rolling

The Blue Rolling Boxcar Plug Door Opener is a stand-alone unit housed on its own easy-to-move cart. This Door Demon is small enough to store (hide) anywhere yet durable enough to remove the violence and hardship out of opening even the toughest plug doors.

Completely portable unit mounted opener of four-wheeled cart

2 – 12 volt batteries (Battery charger included…full battery recharge in only 4 hours)

Smooth hydraulic operation

Pressure relief protection

30” W x 36” L cart

The “Blue Roller” Boxcar Plug Door Opener rotates the plug door handle from a stable platform in a predictable fashion. By handling stored energy from the recoil in the door’s handle in a safe manner, it keeps the operator out of danger from the door.  Since the unit has an adjustable shaft length which allows the rotating head to safely reach the boxcar plug door, the operator is not prone to falling between the dock and the railcar when trying to turn the handle.


  • Prevents operator injury
  • Single person operation
  • Convenient DC power
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Reduces downtime and increases productivity


  • Forklift mounted (optional)
  • DC battery over hydraulic power with built in charger
  • Easy manual height adjustment
  • Adjustable shaft bridges the gap between the dock and the boxcar
  • Locking wheel brake to keep unit from moving
  • Dimensions: 30”W x 36”L x 24-42” H


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