Summer is upon us. Time to hit the road. But first, it’s important to make sure you’ll have the power you need to make your camping trip a memorable one—in all the best ways!

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HBI has a wide variety of Onan gas, diesel, and propane RV generators to meet your specific needs. These are three of the models we carry:

Cummins Onan 7KW Gas RV Generator

Cummins Onan Gas RV Generator - 7KW

This unit is the quietest and lowest vibration generator set in Its class. It features an integrated housing design and an enclosed muffler for ease of installation. Its self-diagnostic capability simplifies troubleshooting, a major plus when you’re away from home. This generator can run two ACs and still have power to spare, providing a comfortable environment on the hottest summer day. The digital regulation ensures voltage stability as loads change.

Cummins Onan 5.5 KW Propane RV Generator

Cummins Onan Propane RV Generator - 5.5KW

This unit is also the quietest in its class. It features exceptionally low vibration levels and an integrated design with enclosed muffler for easy installation. It, too, has a self-diagnostic capability to simplify troubleshooting. The 5.5 KW propane generator has more than enough power to run one or two AC units. Like the 7KW gas generator, this unit has digital voltage regulation for stability as appliance loads change. (Circuit breakers: (1) 30A, (1) 20A HACR)

Cummins Onan 8KW Diesel RV Generator

This unit has computer-controlled variable speed operation that matches engine speed to load demand, which minimizes the noise level. To further minimize the noise level, a special sound-controlling housing encloses the cooling system and muffler. Single-side service ensures easy maintenance. Like the gas and propane models, the 8KW diesel generator has self-diagnostic capabilities that simplify troubleshooting.

Get ready your vacation with a Cummins RV generator!

For more information on choosing the right unit for your RV, contact HBI H. Broer at 519-773-3100 or 855-773-3100 (toll free).

Stop in to see us at 730 Talbot St. W., Aylmer, ON.

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