Gardening has become therapeutic for an increasing number of people. But did you know that gardening is not only a spring and summer pursuit?

Winter gardening can bring life to those seemingly barren winter days.

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Evergreen trees and shrubs are considered by many to be “the backbone” of your garden year-round because of their various shades of green and blue and their range of shapes and sizes. When other trees are barren and leafless, evergreens bring life to the landscape. And if you have some smaller evergreens in pots, you can move them to locations where they will be visible and readily accessible.

You may not have previously given it any thought, but deciduous trees and shrubs with textured or patterned bark add points of interest to your yard during the winter. When the trees are covered in leaves and your flowers are in full bloom, you may not notice the bark on your trees and shrubs, no matter how interesting. But it can be an entirely different situation when all you see are leafless branches and a blanket of white everywhere you look.

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Berries, such as holly berries, that last through the winter add a flash of colour to the winter landscape. Plus, they attract birds, which add additional flashes of colour and signs of life to even the bleakest winter scene. Depending on which zone you live in, you can plant flowers that actually bloom in the winter—flowers such as hellebores, pansies, witch hazel, and violas. Berries and flowers make wonderful additions to your winter garden.

Berry bushes are not the only plants that add interest and beauty when covered in snow. Seed heads and pods, dried flowers and ornamental grass all have their own charm.

Colourful accents such as brightly painted fences, durable containers, benches, statues, and arbours can add life to your garden 365 days a year.

Reduce Stress with these Winter Gardening Tips

This may be the perfect year to begin your winter gardening project—or at least make plans for next winter.

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