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HBI carries a wide range of Door Demon Railcar Hopper Gate and Boxcar Door openers. The Door Demon railcar opener can be operated safely by one person, therefore, preventing employee injury. The units are powder-coated “safety yellow” for increased visibility and feature evenly balanced weight distribution, which makes them safe and easy to maneuver. Because of their construction, workers no longer have to be under the railcar when the opener is operating. When the drive controls are released, they automatically return to the neutral/stop position. The stable platform of the Door Demon allows for predictable performance.

These are just two of the models we carry:


The Double Rope Winch Boxcar Door Opener

Boxcar Door Opener - Double Rope Winch

The forklift-mounted, DC battery-powered Double Rope Winch (DR Winch) Boxcar Door Opener features two 9,500-pound winches to open even the toughest boxcar doors.


The DR Winch meets OSHA standards and can improve the overall safety and productivity of your operators. Boxcar doors are not only difficult to open but also can be dangerous, especially if the door is damaged or the load has shifted. Two powerful winches enable the door opener to anchor itself to the boxcar while pulling the sliding door open. The winches use synthetic rope, which is stronger than steel cable and will not whip or backlash if cut. The long control cord or optional remote control* allows the operator to be positioned safely out of harm’s way during the entire opening and closing process.


*The DR Winch has the option of a remote control that supports safety efforts while increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Since boxcars arrive in a variety of conditions, this unit works to eliminate any additional damage to the boxcar itself as well as prevent operator injury.


The AC Electric Hopper Gate Door Opener

Hopper Gate Door Opener - AC Electric

This electric powered mobile unit with a 2 horsepower TEFC explosion-proof motor is designed to safely and efficiently open even the toughest railcar hopper gates. The use of continuous torque provides significant power in a very controllable manner.  With a lower noise level and the option to incorporate powered vertical lift and powered side-shifting wheels, operators are removed from any unnecessary strain.


This unit has a return to centre control valve and pressure relief protection. This hopper gate door opener comes with a 26” shaft with Door Demon bit. However, custom lengths are available. It has a manually adjustable height from 6 to 20 inches for varying capstan heights.


With multiple motor options and unit configurations, this popular unit is the perfect combination of power and mobility built to order based on your specific needs.


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