Since 1990, we have provided customers in London, St. Thomas, Aylmer and Southwestern Ontario with a diverse equipment market which includes tractors, mowers, pressure washers, generators, chainsaws, blowers, and more! 


Today, we are taking a trip back down memory lane and revisiting our roots- the rail industry!


We continue to service our customers with Rail King railcar movers, Colmar electric railcar movers and Door Demon rail safety equipment. 

Did you know that HBI is the only authorized dealer for Rail King sales, parts and service in Canada?


Originally built by Stewart & Stevenson in 1990 (the same year that our store opened!), Rail King is a mobile railcar mover used to support rail switching operations all throughout North America. The Rail King relies on three principles for success in the rail industry: Easy Operation, Quality Mechanism, and Low Emissions. Check out the tough but sleek design of a G5 Mobile Rail King model.

Electric railcar movers from Colmar are specifically designed for handling stock inside workshops and parking areas. These small but versatile machines can adapt to a wide variety of tasks from rail to road and everything in between.


The Colmar SL5E Electric Railcar Mover has several features which make it a reliable vehicle for any rail work:


     Sturdy electro-welded steel design

     Steel-wheel trolleys

     Rubber coated to increase rolling friction and avoid slipping

     Comfortable driving cabin with plenty of visibility and ergonomic seating

     Radio Control

As with any rail-site job, safety is of primary importance. You can trust any Door Demon railcar opener to get the job done in as safe and an efficient manner as possible. Each Door Demon model comes equipped with safety features which include:


     Powder-coated “safety yellow” colour for increased visibility and observation during the job

     Driving controls which return to neutral/stop position upon release

     A stable platform for predictable and reliable performance

     Even balanced weight distribution for safe and easy maneuvering


When you make a rail equipment purchase with us, you are given the HBI full-service department guarantee that lasts a lifetime. If you are interested in buying or renting rail equipment, call us at 519-773-3100 or send us an email at to learn more.


Shop online or visit us at our store (730 Talbot St. West Aylmer, ON, Canada N5H 2V1). Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more great HBI offers and events! 



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