Easy Kleen Pressure Washers are North American-made and have been family owned and operated since 1982. With over 300 models currently available, Easy Kleen pressure washers offer plenty of options for a wide variety of industries, including farming, car and truck washing, meat shops, breweries and more.

Easy Kleen pressure washers are built with the highest quality components, are hardworking… yet efficient, and come in both commercial and industrial models. Easy Kleen pressure washers are so reliable and cost effective in fact, they are the longest lasting pressure washers available on the market.

The reason for their longevity? Easy Kleen does things differently than most manufacturers, with a hands-on approach and a focus on serviceability. Ensuring that proper maintenance is carried out on a regular basis to the Easy Kleen pressure washer, is paramount to ensuring that this rugged equipment lasts.

Plus, when you purchase an Easy Kleen Pressure Washer at HBI, our licensed technicians and our Parts & Accessories department are available whenever you need it. Visit our website to learn more and to shop online!

If you have any questions about our pressure washing equipment, please call 519-773-3100 or send an email to info@hbi.ca

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