During the summer your lawn offered a welcoming green carpet in the yard to your family enjoy outdoor activities. But now autumn has come, and the lawn needs some help to keep looking great the whole season. Fall yard care is essential if you want a beautiful front yard. If you are due to update your tools, here at H. Broer Equipment Sales and Service we carry the top products for you to welcome fall weather to your property.

Cleaning up the leaves

This season does not mean a big pile of leaves in your yard! Did you know that fallen tree leaves can damage the yard? They block vital sunlight and thin your grass. Therefore, use leaf blower to make the cleaning work fast & easy.

We have a huge variety of yard equipment in our store, and when it comes to fall yard care, you can count on Makita and Columbia. The clean-ups can get much easier with them! Check out some blowers models available:

Makita Blowers

Makita Blower - 4 Stroke

Makita Blower - 4 Stroke with Vacuum Attachment

Makita Blower - Backpack 52.5CC

Makita Blower - Backpack 75.6CC

Makita Blower - Cordless

Makita Blower - Cordless Turbo

Makita Blower / Sweeper - Cordless

Makita Blower / Vacuum - Cordless

Columbia Blowers

Columbia Leaf Blower - CJS 1150

Mowing the lawn

It is necessary to give your lawn the attention it needs before the winter. Regular mowing will help keep the lawn strong, healthy and well-fed as it gears up for colder temperatures. You can also count on Makita and Columbia to get the work done. Check out some lawn mowers models available:

Makita Lawn Mowers

Makita Lawn Mower - 15" Cordless

Makita Lawn Mower - Cordless

Columbia Lawn Mowers

Columbia Push Mower - P21HW

Columbia Push Mower - P21LXL

Columbia Push Mower - P21XL

Columbia Push Mower - Self Propelled - SP21HW

Columbia Push Mower - Self Propelled - SP21HW-H

Columbia Push Mower - Self Propelled - SP21SE

Columbia Push Mower - Self Propelled - SP28S

Columbia Push Mower - Self Propelled - SP33HW

Columbia Push Mower - Side Discharge P21

Columbia Push Mower with Bag P21XLC

Columbia Trim Mower - CST 100

For more information about our fall yard equipment, visit our yard equipment page.

* More models available in store. H. Broer - 730 Talbot Street West, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada.

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