The longest lasting pressure washers on the market are available at HBI.

Easy-Kleen has been a family owned manufacturer of high pressure cleaning systems since 1982. Easy-Kleen Equipment is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to service and run efficiently to save money.

Why Easy-Kleen is the best option when it comes to pressure washers?

Easy-Kleen does things differently. The company ensures that the equipment not only meets the customer’s needs now but also takes future growth into account. There are Easy-Kleen units out there that have given 30 years of service to their owners and continue to keep on washing, so it is very important that the initial purchase will sustain the customer now and in the future!

Which pressure washer do you need for your job?

HBI carries a line of Easy-Kleen High Pressure Cleaning Systems (Commercial & Industrial):


Commercial Electric Cold Water

The electric driven cold water units are used for multiple applications for farm, car and truck washing, meat shops and every day uses.

Commercial Cold Water Gas

The commercial cold water gasoline driven series was designed for everyday commercial cleaning jobs.

Industrial Cold Water Gas & Diesel

The industrial cold water gasoline driven units feature the toughest frames and components in the industry. These units are utilized by surface preparation and heavy duty blasting/cleaning contractors.


Commercial Hot Water Gas & Diesel

Easy-Kleen’s most popular and versatile units. Utilized by a multitude of businesses for a wide variety of cleaning needs. From a simple oil field application to daily construction and farm use.

Commercial Electric Hot Water

Dependable, long lasting machines built for a multitude of applications. Heats water faster and hotter than its competitors.

Your Easy-Kleen machine will be around for a very long time! View all Industrial & Commercial Pressure Washers available and shop online!

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