Sometimes, business owners just cannot afford for the power to go out. Keeping the lights on and critical business applications running smoothly is a necessity. The good news is that a commercial standby generator can kick in within seconds of detecting a power outage whether you are open or closed.

What is a commercial standby generator?

A standby generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage. The equipment is installed outside your business (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically. All within seconds of a power outage! That means your business is protected 24/7, no matter the day or weather.

Why invest in a commercial standby generator?

Nowadays a backup power is important for every small business owner. Power outages affect refrigerators, machinery, computers and critical systems. Remember that even if your business sells goods and can technically operate without power, you are still likely to be limited in sales process without communication to power to phone lines and credit card processing software, for example.

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Standby Generators

Briggs & Stratton brings the reputation of a world-renowned engine manufacturer to the standby generator industry with their line of commercial and residential backup power generators. The company offers standby generators for medium to large homes and small to medium business operations.

Product Line

H. Broer Equipment Sales & Services offers a very large product line of Briggs & Stratton generators: portable, home standby, commercial standby and transfer switches.

Check out all the commercial standby generators available online!

For help choosing the best generator for your needs, contact HBI Family. Our customer service staff is available to help with all your power generation needs. For more information about sales and service, please call 519-773-3100 or send an email to

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