A railcar mover is capable of travelling on both roads and rail tracks. This equipment is broadly used by railroad customers because they are cheaper than owning a switcher locomotive, as well as more convenient and cheaper than paying the railroad operator to do the switching. The railcar mover is also more versatile since it can travel on road wheels to the cars they need to move, instead of needing clear track. Besides railroad companies, railcar movers can be used by metros, ports and warehousing companies.

Here at H. Broer we know those companies need an equipment that is not only safe to operate on daily basis, but that provides a long use life and dependability. Therefore, we proudly offer electric railcar movers from Colmar, a company that is leader in the design and production of railroad machines for railway maintenance worldwide!

About Colmar Equipment

Since the 1960’s Colmar has been producing a wide range of machines for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures. Colmar’s wide range of products includes rail loaders, shunters with diesel engine or battery operated and many machines or systems designed for companies in the field of rail infrastructure maintenance.

Electric Railcar Movers by Colmar

Colmar electric railcar movers are suitable to operate in any condition, achieving high safety standards, high maneuverability and rapid on and off tracking in most areas.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the “SL series” from Colmar is suitable for operating in every condition, with high security, high maneuverability and capable of a rapid transformation, from rail to road and back. Plus, Colmar SL Railcar Movers require low maintenance and operating costs.

At H. Broer you can find the SL5E Electric Railcar Mover by Colmar.

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