Makita Chainsaw - 50CC 2-Stroke

  • Makita Chainsaw - 50CC 2-Stroke
  • Makita
  • Product Code: MAK-DCS5121REJ
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Chainsaw - 50CC 2-Stroke - DCS5121REJ

SLR + Easy Start + Winter Mode
18" / 50cc Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Chainsaw with Easy Start and Winter Operation Mode

  • 18" / 50 cc 2-Stroke Chainsaw
  • SLR / Scavenging Losses Rejection Muffler recycles unburned gas through the exhaust increasing Operational Efficiency producing much Cleaner Emissions
  • Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Engine in compliance with: CARB Tier 3, EPA Phase 2 and EU Stage 2 Regulations
  • Easy Start / Equipped with a Spring Assisted Recoil Starter for 30% Less pulling force and Low RPM Ignition Coil providing Faster, Easier Starting
  • Winter Mode (Optional) / Prevents Carburetor Icing by providing a Higher Operating Engine Temperature during Cold Weather use and up to 5˚C.
  • Touch & Stop / One Lever Control for Starting, Running and Shut Down Operation
  • Steel Spring / Advanced Vibration Dampening System is engineered for reducing vibration transfer to the operator
  • Dual Mount, Aggressive Large Metal Spike Bars for Safety and Hinge Action Cutting
  • Half Throttle-lock start position with Easy Start for Reduced Start-Up Force
  • Easy Remove Air Filter and Spark Plug Cover for quick maintenance access
  • Electronic Ignition system incorporates a Microprocessor
  • External Access Holes allow easy Carburetor Adjustment
  • Lateral Chain Tensioning for Quick and Convenient Chain Adjustment
  • Magnesium Housing for Improved Durability and Less Weight
  • Top Handle Safety Hand Guard with Inertia Activated Chain Brake
  • Automatic adjustable Chain Oiler
  • Bar and Chain Travel Cover Included    

Owners manual

Parts breakdown



50cc (3.1

Chain Pitch / Gauge

.325" / .058"

Max. Engine Speed

13,800 RPM

Power Rating

2.5 kW / 3.3 hp

Vibration Level


Noise Level

103.9 dB(A)

Fuel Tank Capacity

470 ml

Oil Tank Capacity

269 ml

Fuel / Oil Mixture


Net Weight Dry w/o Bar/Chain

12.1 lbs (5.4kg)

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