About Briggs & Stratton

With 110 years of experience, Briggs & Stratton is trusted by millions of people around the globe and backed by the largest service network in the industry. We are the world's largest small engine producer, the number one marketer for pressure washers, and a leading manufacturer of power generation, lawn and garden turf care and job site products.


Portable Generators

A more portable and temporary solution for power when and wherever you need it. These generators are portable, proper storage is required. No installation needed to operator these generators. Must be operated outside. Starting portable generators is easy, you can either use the recoil or electric start options depending on the make or model of your portable generator. Fuel type for portable generators is gasoline and you need to refuel as needed. The portable generator can power outdoor items plugged directly into the generator.

Standby Generators

A permanent power solution for all the conveniences of a life uninterrupted. Installing a standby generator is done by a certified Briggs & Stratton dealer or a licenced electrician. Standby generators are installed outside your home. Standby generators start automatically when your houses power goes out. Depending on the standby generator, the fuel type is natural gas, liquid propane or no refueling needed. These generators can power overall home needs such as lights, water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner and more.  


Product Line

H. Broer Equipment Sales & Services offers a very large product line of Briggs & Stratton generators:

Briggs & Stratton Portable Generators

Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Standby Generators

Briggs & Stratton Circuit transfer switches

Briggs & Stratton Inverter Parallel Kit

Check out all Briggs & Stratton generators available at H. Broer Equipment Sales & Services.


Briggs & Stratton Benefits

With a Briggs & Stratton standby generator, you can count on your home having automatic, reliable backup power from the power experts at Briggs & Stratton. Watch this video to learn why choosing Briggs & Stratton can provide peace of mind for you and your family.

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