A power outage in your home or business can be a frightening event, especially if severe weather is knocking on your door. Fortunately, a standby generator can do the work for you in a safe, energy-efficient way when the energy from your utility provider goes out. Even if it requires an investment, having the equipment in place will provide you with temporary power during an emergency. Here’s a fact: depending on the standby generator you have, it can energize your house for days!

How does a standby generator work?

When the standby generator detects a power outage, the engine starts automatically and turns a power generating unit. This unit is called alternator and it converts the mechanical energy of the internal combustion engine into electrical energy. After a few seconds to stabilize the engine speed and electrical output, the transfer switch isolates the circuits it controls from the utility grid, which supplies power from the generator to your home or business.

Important things to consider before buying a generator:

- Power requirement: First of all, you need to evaluate the right size of the generator based on a list of all the electrical appliances you want to power during an emergency. After that, you need to calculate the required kW according to your consumption. An electrician can help make this determination, or you can check the manufacturer information for each appliance.

- Size and location: Before installing the generator set you must have a proper space for it. It requires an outdoor installation since the generator needs proper ventilation and should not be close to anything flammable.

- Warranty: It’s important to understand the warranty duration and coverage of your standby generator, and ask for upgrade costs if you prefer an increased coverage.

- Maintenance: All engines need periodic maintenance and generator engines are no exception. You need to service your standby generator according to the maintenance schedule with the help of a licensed technician.

Reliable Standby Generators in Aylmer, Ontario

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