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Safety and Productivity Solutions for the Rail Industry

25 September 2015

A leading zinc producer recently approached The Arnold Company with a unique requirement for a new rail car hopper gate opener. Their unloading environment featured a walkway that was lower than the rail car rail height coupled with an existing elevated mounting beam. Their existing hopper gate opener featured two universal joints which presented lifting, pinching, and operational hazards. 180 AC Demon Fly.  The Arnold Company answered the challenge by designing a custom AC (electric) “Demon Fly” beam mounted hopper gate opener with four important, safety and productivity conscious features:

  1. Solid, telescoping drive shaft – this eliminates the multiple universal joints
  2. Hydraulic-powered vertical drive shaft height adjustment – for varying capstan heights
  3. 180 degree locking unit rotation – this allows the operator to rotate the unit (platform) 90 degrees in either direction so the walkway is clear of obstruction
  4. Lowered control toggles to improve operator ergonomics – allows the operator to easily use the unit from the walkway

The Arnold Company continues to be the manufacturer of choice for boxcar and hopper gate openers as well as rail car vibration solutions.
By Bill Curtis