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Rail King RK330 G6 – Spotlight

20 September 2017

The Rail King RK330 G6 is Tier 4 Final and this machine has already been on the market since 2015. 

With the same robust Cummins QSB6.7 at 205hp, this machine offers even smoother shifting and impressive torque sent directly from the transmission into the no-spin differentials offering solid four wheel performance.  No gimmicks, the 50,000lbs of tractive effort double coupled is not based on estimations, it is based on pure weight and steel on rail calculations.  With new enhanced standard features such as premium locomotive style seats, extended steps, first gear lockout, LED lights including real high powered headlights, 60 Gallon Fuel Tank, 5 Gallon DEF tank and 60 Gallon air reservoir to compare to a 100CFM Train Air system.  Full Colour LCD Display shows all the information for the engine, transmission and air system.  With no gadgets to interfere with real operator intuition, the machine is more responsive, and allows for full power to the wheels when it is needed, at a much lower operating cost.  Benefit of the Rail King is the full width cabin, with dual controls allowing the operator to switch seats without transferring an entire console.  52,500lbs of base weight, and 33,800lbs of tractive on one coupler, this is the leading Steel Wheel design mobile railcar mover.